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From André Malo>
Subject Re: mod_include test shuffling
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2003 20:27:27 GMT
* Geoffrey Young <> wrote:

> well, since I know andre is paying attention, I thought I'd start with
> mod_include :)

heh ;-)

> the only place I'm a bit confused is the flastmod/fsize test, which is
> marked as TODO currently but is "unexpectedly passing" in 2.0/2.1.  the
> comments make it sound like large sizes should fail in 2.0, but I created
> all sizes up to 2GB and it still didn't fail (after conversions were taken
> into account).  what is that test actually testing, the commifying and K/M/G
> rounding?  ideally, if 2.0 is still buggy, what I'd like to see there is a
> tests that passes in 2.1 but fails in 2.0 so we can mark it as TODO in 2.0
> as well.

the fsize test fails in 1.3, because the abbrev computation is different (and
the files are so *small* :-)

The flastmod test fails on my box because of weird timezone problems.
POSIX::strftime() and mod_include's strftime produce different timezone
strings (even with LC_ALL=C). Perhaps someone knows how to fix ...

Perhaps we should separate them into different subtests.


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