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From Mike Cramer <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] allow implicit ServerRoot via apxs
Date Sun, 02 Nov 2003 15:23:44 GMT
> Mike, can you should us an example of what is picked wrong? Full paths will
> stay full paths, and relative paths will be rerouted to the new ServerRoot
> defined by Apache-Test. Is that where the failure coming from? So if you had:
> LoadModule foo modules/
> it won't be able to expand it to a full path to modules/ because
> ServerRoot is not set?

Exactly. As an example:

Say you have a central filesystem, NFS mounted on both Solaris and Linux
machines: /export/apps. You then build Apache binaries for each
platform, one using '--prefix=/export/apps/solaris/apache' and the other
using '--prefix=/export/apps/linux/apache'. The httpd.conf sits in
/export/apps/generic/apache/conf, does not contain a ServerRoot
directive and refers to DSOs like "LoadModule rewrite_module

When the Solaris binary is started, its compiled in prefix will find
/export/apps/solaris/apache/libexec/, while the Linux
binary will find the copy in /export/apps/linux.

Basically, since Apache-Test is trying to emulate Apache's normal
config parsing (in a very limited way), it seems like it should
follow the same inheritance rules for setting ServerRoot. Otherwise
perfectly legal Apache configurations would fail when using Apache-Test.


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