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From Norman Tuttle <>
Subject Flood: New patch to flood_socket_keepalive.c fixes keepalive protocol bugs [Ref A7], Question on Chunking Protocol
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2003 17:17:42 GMT
The new diff available for Flood fixes protocol errors for keepalive (file
flood_socket_keepalive.c, function keepalive_recv_resp()) mainly by
assimilating the functionality of the wantresponse and !wantresponse modes
within the readback operations, and maintaining whatever worked correctly.
Also the algorithm for reading a decimal value within the above function
was simplified (we found cases where what was replaced did not work), as
was the routine for reading a hexadecimal value (this being in the
function keepalive_read_chunk_size()), the same reason for its replacement

Since this diff is independent of other changes made recently, I have done
it off the original file in CVS/Flood 1.1, which I have in my local
directory c:\flood-1.1

Norman Tuttle, developer, OpenDemand Systems,

PS: In a comparison between the 2 modes mentioned above (wantresponse and
!wantresponse), the Chunked Transfer-Encoding method of reading of the
body is absent from the wantresponse pathway. I was wondering whether that
was inadvertent, and if so, it looks like we will have to add this
functionality as well or our readback of data in that case will be

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