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From Norman Tuttle <>
Subject Re: (original) Diff for flood_net_ssl.c, please take out one added line
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2003 16:59:45 GMT
In the diff introduced below which took recursive calls out of the
flood_net_ssl.c and added some conditions to the ssl_read_socket() routine
which emulated the recursive behavior, I had a line which clashed with the
added conditions. If you are adding the diff which makes the changes to
this file, please take out the line:
   if (sslError!=SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ) *buflen = 0;
because it tries to compensate for errors by setting the bytes written to
zero (which may be useful for correct reporting but may not be necessary),
but also will limit the buffer length for future reading to zero (bad
idea) in a case where the error is other than an SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ,
whereas there are now other errors which introduce this continued reading.

-Norman Tuttle, developer, OpenDemand Systems,

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003, Norman Tuttle wrote:

> To Apache Flood development team:
> As part of our work on the Flood code (in our usage of it as par of an
> enterprise product), I have been instructed to contribute back our changes
> on a daily basis so we can both contribute them back to the product and
> get back inportant feedback on these changes.
> Other than some small touch-ups, these changes to flood_net_ssl.c involve
> 1) taking recursive function code out of socket read/write functions,
> (replacing with do .. while loop) resulting in
> a) more robust code, with less possibility of stack-related issues.
> b) errors returned in recursively-called code were not being propagated.
> c) with iterative code it is easier to set limits on the amount of
> iteration, if necessary. I have not changed the logic here (yet).
> and
> 2) the addition of certain cases which should cause a continuation of
> reading.
> The -u3 diff is taken from the current directory holding the modified file
> and the \flood-1.1 directory holding the original from Apache project, and
> is attached here as fns.diff since as inline the mailer would modify the
> text.
> -Norman Tuttle, OpenDemand Systems Developer

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