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From Norman Tuttle <>
Subject Re: Flood project: keepalive_begin_conn() reorganized to properly handle transitions (between ssl and non-ssl, or different hosts/ports) and use different state variable [Ref A4]
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2003 18:03:15 GMT
Oops, forgot to attach the diff file. It is attached here:

On Fri, 17 Oct 2003, Norman Tuttle wrote:

> This new patch for flood_socket_keepalive.c fixes some issues discovered 
> during opening and closing sockets. Predicated on the changes previously 
> made to the socket structure (reference my email with the 6 diffs), the
> reopen_socket member, which has now been changed to "available", now takes
> on an ordered enum of values. The keepalive_begin_conn() function has been
> modified to properly handle error conditions and transitions, which can
> occur between pages using ssl or no ssl, different hosts, or different
> ports and require closure of the previous connection.
> Other changes: keepalive_end_conn() also contains logic to prevent certain
> error conditions from crashing the function. The setting of the 
> socket's associated request, which was established in the patch mentioned
> above, has been moved to the case where sockets are not being opened,
> since otherwise the open_socket() or ssl_open_socket() function sets the
> request.
> Please review the attached diff, which compares the latest 
> flood_socket_keepalive.c file with the version produced from the patch 
> creating the unified socket structure, which is named 
> flood_socket_keepalive_2.c
> -Norman Tuttle, Developer, OpenDemand Systems (

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