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From Norman Tuttle <>
Subject Flood project: keepalive_begin_conn() reorganized to properly handle transitions (between ssl and non-ssl, or different hosts/ports) and use different state variable [Ref A4]
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2003 17:57:52 GMT
This new patch for flood_socket_keepalive.c fixes some issues discovered 
during opening and closing sockets. Predicated on the changes previously 
made to the socket structure (reference my email with the 6 diffs), the
reopen_socket member, which has now been changed to "available", now takes
on an ordered enum of values. The keepalive_begin_conn() function has been
modified to properly handle error conditions and transitions, which can
occur between pages using ssl or no ssl, different hosts, or different
ports and require closure of the previous connection.

Other changes: keepalive_end_conn() also contains logic to prevent certain
error conditions from crashing the function. The setting of the 
socket's associated request, which was established in the patch mentioned
above, has been moved to the case where sockets are not being opened,
since otherwise the open_socket() or ssl_open_socket() function sets the

Please review the attached diff, which compares the latest 
flood_socket_keepalive.c file with the version produced from the patch 
creating the unified socket structure, which is named 

-Norman Tuttle, Developer, OpenDemand Systems (

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