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From Norman Tuttle <>
Subject Problem compiling Flood1.1 on Solaris 8
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 23:59:44 GMT
The make all for Flood 1.1 is failing for Flood1.1 on Solaris 8, after
using the following configure on bash shell:
 configure --disable-shared --enable-ssl --with-openssl=/usr/local/ssl

Sometimes I get the following result, which is strange because the
configure says the "ar" is "ar" (although I also cannot find it from the
command line; then where are they getting it from in configure?):

make[2]: Entering directory `/opt/home/ntuttle/flood-1.1/apr'
/bin/bash /opt/home/ntuttle/flood-1.1/apr/libtool --silent --mode=link gcc
-D_REENTRANT -I./include -I../include -version-info 9:4:9 -o
-rpath /usr/local/lib strings/apr_cpystrn.lo strings/apr_fnmatch.lo
strings/apr_snprintf.lo strings/apr_strings.lo strings/apr_strnatcmp.lo
strings/apr_strtok.lo passwd/apr_getpass.lo tables/apr_hash.lo
tables/apr_tables.lo file_io/unix/copy.lo file_io/unix/dir.lo
file_io/unix/fileacc.lo file_io/unix/filedup.lo file_io/unix/filepath.lo
file_io/unix/filepath_util.lo file_io/unix/filestat.lo
file_io/unix/flock.lo file_io/unix/fullrw.lo file_io/unix/mktemp.lo
file_io/unix/open.lo file_io/unix/pipe.lo file_io/unix/readwrite.lo
file_io/unix/seek.lo file_io/unix/tempdir.lo network_io/unix/inet_ntop.lo
network_io/unix/inet_pton.lo network_io/unix/sendrecv.lo
network_io/unix/sockaddr.lo network_io/unix/sockets.lo
network_io/unix/sockopt.lo threadproc/unix/proc.lo
threadproc/unix/procsup.lo threadproc/unix/signals.lo
threadproc/unix/thread.lo threadproc/unix/threadpriv.lo
misc/unix/charset.lo misc/unix/env.lo misc/unix/errorcodes.lo
misc/unix/getopt.lo misc/unix/otherchild.lo misc/unix/rand.lo
misc/unix/start.lo misc/unix/version.lo locks/unix/global_mutex.lo
locks/unix/proc_mutex.lo locks/unix/thread_cond.lo
locks/unix/thread_mutex.lo locks/unix/thread_rwlock.lo time/unix/time.lo
time/unix/timestr.lo mmap/unix/common.lo mmap/unix/mmap.lo
shmem/unix/shm.lo user/unix/groupinfo.lo user/unix/userinfo.lo
memory/unix/apr_pools.lo atomic/unix/apr_atomic.lo poll/unix/poll.lo
poll/unix/pollacc.lo support/unix/waitio.lo dso/unix/dso.lo
/opt/home/ntuttle/flood-1.1/apr/libtool: ar: command not found

Or in place of this last error, after the /bin/bash line, I get the error:

libtool: link: `strings/apr_cpystrn.lo' is not a valid libtool object

which is also strange because it contains a similar string to all the
other *.lo files I see in the project. Can somebody deduce what the
problem is?

-Norman Tuttle, OpenDemand Systems Developer

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