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From Norman Tuttle <>
Subject Re: Has anybody had any success compiling the latest Flood on Windows? Also, perhaps it would be helpful to package the complete source (don't see this done correctly for Win32).
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2003 20:44:32 GMT
I believe part of the problem, besides the fact that the some of the
project files are not correct (I had to modify some), is that for Win32,
some of the libraries are NOT packaged with Flood. I think that in the
Unix & Linux versions this is rectified in the "configure" and "buildconf"
stages but it cannot be done for Win32. Note that the manual in the docs
mentions that "Every official release schould be acompanied by everything
you need to build and use flood. That includes all external libraries
(except for SSL which is due to cryptography export restrictions) and
documentation" so the Win32 distribution seems to be violating this
principle since the distrib does not come with the pcre solution and
apr-iconv. I have not checked yet whether these subprojects have been
updated since I got them out of CVS last November. Can somebody comment on
how the distribution obeys this principle for Win32?

-Norman Tuttle, OpenDemand Systems Developer

On Tue, 7 Oct 2003, Norman Tuttle wrote:

> I retrieved the Flood from the tarball when they said the new release
> (1.1) was ready. I am finding the build rather arduous. It would also be
> helpful if I were able to find documentation for building in Windows in
> one place. If somebody could direct me to any helpful documentation to aid
> in this task, please let me know (I had already built Flood on Windows
> about a year ago from CVS successfully).
> -Norman Tuttle (OpenDemand Systems Developer)

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