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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject [RELEASE CANDIDATE] Apache-Test-1.05-dev is available
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2003 19:48:11 GMT
a release candidate for Apache-Test 1.05 is now available.

please take the time to excercise the candidate through all your existing 
applications that use Apache-Test and report back any problems.


Changes since 1.04:

core scanning changes [Stas]
- speedup by not chdir'ing into subdirs
- an optional scanning of only t/ dir (used by TestSmoke)
- don't scan on win32, since it has no core files

in the autogenerated t/conf/ don't add the project/lib
directory, unless a special env var APACHE_TEST_LIVE_DEV is true. This
is because some projects change things in project/blib and pushing
project/lib on top of @INC, breaks the test suite for them [Stas]

TestRun was using file to ensure that the server is killed
before starting it, if the file existed. This was a problem on win32
platforms, where a process scheduler tries to re-use the pids that
were just freed, which may have killed a valid process which is not
even Apache.exe. So we try not to rely on that file, and if the server
wasn't properly stopped and still running, users will learn about
that, since the port will be busy, and Apache will fail to
start. Users have to kill it manually. TestSmoke is no longer using an
explicit kill `cat` to stop Apache, but delegates the
stopping procedure to TestRun [Steve Hay, Randy Kobes]

use IPC::Run3 in Apache::TestSmoke to run t/TEST commands,
so as t/SMOKE can be used on Win32 [Stas, Steve Hay, Randy Kobes]

place mod_perl-specific directives in <IfModule> containers
within httpd.conf, allowing the default server to start if
mod_perl isn't present.  [Geoffrey Young]

fix t/request.t to get /index.html, instead of / since not everybody
uses mod_dir [Steve Piner <>]

when testing whether Apache started as root and running under 'nobody'
or alike, will be able to -r/-w/-x in t/ use 'su' instead of 'sudo',
the latter is not available on all unix platforms. [Vivek Khera

in the Apache/ nuke code s/PERLRUN/FULLPERL/ as older MakeMaker
doesn't have the PERLRUN target [Stas]

Apache 1.3 servers now run in standard prefork mode under
normal operation.  single server mode (httpd -X) was replaced
with MaxClients set to 1 by default.  [Geoffrey Young]


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