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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: A::T blib vs lib
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2003 14:49:07 GMT

> That leads to different 
> version of Apache:PageKit in the lib and blib/lib directories. With the 
> current version of Apache::Test the version in lib is tested. But 'make 
> install' installs the version from blib/lib. And depending from your perl 
> they are different.

so you want Apache-Test to test _only_ the version in blib and _never_ the 
version in lib, right?

this kinda confirms my suspicion that stas

     % env APACHE_TEST_LIVE_DEV=1 t/TEST -conf

patch does exactly the opposite of what you wanted.

> I reported that to Stas and he explaind that the lib path is hardcoded to make 
> development easier. 

for the record, I need to re-iterate how much I dislike that idea in the 
first place :)

> As a solution he suggest a ENV var that when set prefer 
> the lib dir for development.

so, what I gather is that what APACHE_TEST_LIVE_DEV=1 ought to do is not add 
lib to @INC, but rather ensure that lib is not used at all, thus forcing the 
tests to use blib (as is the standard practice everywhere I know about 
except Apache-Test).  does that sound right?


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