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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: using TestRunPerl without mod_perl.c
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2003 13:26:03 GMT
hi again :)

well, after giving this issue some (probably way too much) thought over the 
weekend, I have decided that unless there is a -1 floating around, I'm going 
to go ahead with the change as I initially suggested it.

the main reason for my going ahead is something I realized after our last 
exchange.  for the majority of TestRunPerl users (probably every single one, 
in fact) the change will have no effect on the behavior of Apache-Test: 
mod_perl specific directives in will still make the server 
fail to start and the tests fail to run.  so, what the changes will do it 
maintain existing behavior while giving users more flexibility than they 
currently have.

at any rate, as I said, I'll commit later this afternoon unless there is a 
(very) good reason not to.  I'll be happy to revert it later if, after 
actually using it, people don't like it and complain.  if I have time in the 
near future, I'll even try to clean it up a bit (like removing PerlRequire 
from TestRun and sticking all of them in a single IfModule).


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