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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [cpan #3861] Custom t/conf/ is ignored
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 22:24:50 GMT
Guest via RT wrote:
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> [STAS - Fri Oct  3 18:09:53 2003]:
>>It proves again and again that guessing is evil :(
> LOL. Yeah, it's hard enough for an administrator to figure out how a
> system is configured. Capturing all that knowledge into a pgm is very
> difficult! At least it doesn't expose security risks like some systems
> are prone to do when guessing ;->.

Hopefully at the end we will get rid of all guesses, both in Apache-Test and 
modperl-2.0. I'm big +1 on that.

>>If the server is run as non-root, it uses that user's uid/gid to
>>configure. If
>>run as root it tries 'nobody'. We could add 'www' as well, but someone
>>have both available, and others will have some other names. So again
>>to avoid
>>wrong guessing, probably the right solution is to inherit from the
>>httpd.conf, just like it inherits the LoadModule directives. Can you
>>try to fix that and send a patch?
> I'd be glad to try. Looking at I see a sub called
> default_user and default_group. Are these what I should be modifying?
> Where do you read in the LoadModule lines from the httpd.conf, if
> discovered? I'd like to use that as a template for finding the User and
> Group lines.

You should be able to grep for this kind of tokens. It's coming from

Thank you.

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