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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: using TestRunPerl without mod_perl.c
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2003 21:38:48 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>> why would you use TestRunPerl to test against not-modperl enabled 
>> Apache? If by accident I think it is better to discover that and die 
>> before even starting to run tests.
> in a third-party (CPAN) module, you don't have much control.
> say I want to test my module against mod_perl.  I need to use 
> TestRunPerl if I want stuff like to work.  but the 
> end-user passes me
> perl Makefile.PL -apxs /some/no-perl/apache/bin/apxs
> and the server blows up.  at least if you have no -apxs, you get a nice 
> warning.
> the issue here is a real one for me - I'm working on a distribution 
> where only one file is mod_perl based, and I can't assume that even 
> though I want the mod_perl stuff enabled, the user actually has it.

I understand that. Please re-read my previous reply. To repeat:

TestRunPerl implies that mod_perl is available. If it is not, TestRunPerl 
should abort *before* it creates the config file, telling user to use a 
mod_perl enabled server. For DSO it's trivial, for static build 'httpd -l' 
should do the trick.

There is nothing wrong with your patch, but it hides the problem instead of 
fixing it. So what if all mp directives will be enclosed in IfModule? Your 
tests won't work in any case.

>> Not quite so, TestRunPerl already assumes that mod_perl is available. 
> that's a bad assumption.  since you configure TestRunPerl from the perl 
> Makefile.PL stage, you can't know what the end-user has on his system.

Not really, you don't run TestRunPerl's configure from Makefile.PL, only from 

> besides, if you want to do
> t/TEST -apxs /with-modperl/bin/apxs
> t/TEST -apxs /without-modperl/bin/apxs
> I think that should be ok, and you have have_module('mod_perl.c') to 
> allow just that.
>> Adding noise to httpd.conf doesn't make things better.
> it's not noise.  if it were then there would be no reason to <IfModule> 
> out the LoadModule statement for mod_perl.

It's there to prevent loading mod_perl DSO if someone messed up and re-built a 
static mod_perl without fixing their global httpd.conf (which previously was 
dynamic). It's not really needed I believe.

>> Besides if you could do:
>> <IfModule mod_perl.c>
>>   all mp configs
>> </IfModule>
>> and not ifmodule for each directive that would be better I guess.
> yes, I thought so too.  but the code for each of those is scattered 
> about the suite, which makes it difficult to tie each of them together 
> nicely.

That's true.

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