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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject removing httpd -X from 1.3 environment
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2003 17:09:00 GMT
hi all...

I was thinking recently about how with 2.0 we rely on MaxClients to control 
the number of child processes, but with 1.3 we rely on httpd -X.

I'm not sure that we need to limit the ability of 1.3 to run multiple 
children if somebody comes up with a test that requires it.  and we all know 
that httpd -X is not the same as running with a single child, so whatever 
the test suite is doing is not really the same as a real environment.

I'm thinking/hoping that -X is a carryover from the old Apache::test 
environment, and nobody actually relies on -X behaviors (which would be a 
bad testing practice anyway :)

at any rate, here is a patch that changes httpd -X to a setting that 
defaults to MaxClients 1.  I get the same results from the perl-framework 
with and without the change (lots of failures currently, but they are the 
same failures with both setups).

as far as changed behaviors, the only thing I noticed was that if some perl 
libraries cannot be found, the startup times out and the @INC errors are 
placed in the error_log.  without the patch the @INC error is shown and the 
server exits immediately.  the good thing (for me, anyway) is that 
r->child_terminate now works, allowing the server to change children mid-test :)


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