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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: apache test suite
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2003 21:00:25 GMT

Bryan, would you be so kind to actually quote things before replying to 
segments of the original post, it's a hell to figure out where your reply is.

> Since you didn't bother (or didn't know that you should ;) to tell us what
> do 
> you have on line 70th, I'd guess that it's:
> <Location /server-info>
>      SetHandler server-info
> </Location>
> it's on a different line in my t/conf/httpd.conf, since it varies from setup
> to setup.
> SetHandler is provided by the core, so I don't know why does fail for you. I
> doubt this has anything to do with Apache-Test. Can you use httpd normally? 
> Can you please show us the first 80 lines of t/conf/httpd.conf?

So my guess was right. You didn't answer to my question whether you can use 
httpd normally and you get the above config to work there.

> well maybe not a magical script, but I'm sure you don't run it manually
> every time you want to test apache. I need something that will test all the
> functionality of the webserver, including ssl. 

I do:

cd httpd-test/perl-framework
perl Makefile.PL -apxs /home/stas/httpd/prefork/bin/apxs
make test

if you call that magical, let's it be a such then ;)

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