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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject [Apache::Test] need to improve same_interpreter API
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 22:47:26 GMT
I'm getting unhappy about the status of the same_interpreter (lack of?) API.

It was added as a hack in first place to make sure that the test hits the same 
interpreter. And everything was good.

Next we had problems with certain setups often failing to hit the same 
interpreter so we had to find a way to gracefull skip those parts of the tests 
that would have failed otherwise, so I've added more craft to accomplish that.
And everything was good again.

It works fine now, but the tests are a way too cumbersome and since I thought 
of doing the hacking in the tests themselves till a good API will arise, we 
now copy those hacks from one test to another. Moreover we are adding more 
tests that require this infrastructure, copying those hacks again... Not so good

It'd be nice if we had a proper API that will make the tests simple, i.e. the 
skipping mechanism should be merged into the same_interp API.

If someone could look at the issue that would be great. There are quite a few 
same_interp tests under modperl-2.0/ModPerl-Registry/t and I'm going to add 
modperl/cookie* tests to modperl-2.0/t which use it as well. Just grep for 
same_interp to find those tests.


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