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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [patch] have_min_apache_version: 2.0.48-dev is not 2.0.48
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 17:34:00 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
> Stas Bekman wrote:
>> Since  2.0.48-dev is not 2.0.48 I believe we should look at it as 
>> 2.0.47 in the tests? or should we not complicate things and have those 
>> who use -dev always keep up with the latest versions? I'm not sure if 
>> this should go in.
> if 2.0.48-dev reports as 2.0.48 then I think that is the proper behavior.
> as with any change in version, it's the different features that make it 
> interesting, not the same ones.  so reporting 2.0.47 for 2.0.48-dev 
> would be counter productive - if you're a developer and working on a 
> test that excercises a new feature in the -dev version, you want it to 
> run the new tests on 2.0.48 but not 2.0.47.  downgrading the -dev 
> version would make it impossible to insert have_min_apache_version() 
> logic in the tests prior to release, and remove what is otherwise a nice 
> migratory path.
> was this just a thought, or is there a situation you are running into 
> that prompted your suggestion?  if the latter, maybe we can work on some 
> other API that suited your needs?  as I've been writing tests against 
> development features for a while now, I'm quite happy with the current 
> behavior :)

No, no, I withdraw this idea.

The reason I have suggested this change is as following: I've patched a bug in 
apr on win32 and had to put a skip on the test unless it's 2.0.48 which wasn't 
released yet. Now I thought that the test won't be skipped for those running 
2.0.48-dev, since it'll report 2.0.48. But as I suggested in the original 
message, those who run -dev need to keep up with the cutting edge if things 
fail for them, which is a good enough reason not to introduce the feature I've 

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