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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: [RFC] running tests after the server stops
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 20:13:31 GMT

> There are other uses for it already. We have t/apr-ext tests which 
> require no running server at all. a magic directory sounds good to me. 
> I'd even suggest having two of them - one for pre-start and one for 
> post-stop. e.g.:
> t/pre-start/
> t/post-stop/

yeah, I was thinking about balancing them out.  good idea.

> The only issue is with Test::Harness, we will need to somehow feed tests 
> to it so it'll take them all as one bunch, while we have to run first 
> t/pre-start/ test, followed by normal tests, followed by t/post-stop/ 
> tests.

that doesn't seem too hard. TestRun::run is pretty simple.  the problem 
isparsing out the test files and making sure that all those custom options 
(subtests, all.t, etc) are right.

> though I don't see how does it help you with restart-in-the middle. 
> again we could have a magic directory which will force a server restart 
> when it hits it, though I'm not sure whether we want it to restart for 
> each test in that t/restart/ dir, or just once. However I think that 
> making the client side doing the restart is the best option, provided 
> that we provide a portable implementation for it.

an API is best there, for certain.  but one thing at a time.

I'll get working on the pre and post directory stuff and see what I can hack 


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