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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Apache::Test
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 07:38:21 GMT
Boris Zentner wrote:
> Hi,
> Am Freitag, 12. September 2003 20:04 schrieb Stas Bekman:
>>[redirecting it to the httpd-test dev list where this discussion belongs]
>>Boris Zentner wrote:
>>>Hi Stas,
>>>I spend the morning on porting Apache::PageKit to Apache::Test and make
>>>the installation of this large module easy. My idea to support perl < 5.8
>>>and >= 5.8 was to use patch inside the makefile and make the changes to
>>>my files after they are copied to the blib directory. So the original
>>>files are avail everytime. Im not really sure if this is a good way, but
>>>it stopped working on the 'make test' part since on some configurations
>>>the content of Apache-PageKit/lib is not the same as Apache-PageKit/blib
>>>but Apache::Test use Apache-PageKit/lib instead Apache-PageKit/blib. I
>>>think this is wrong since if all goes well I install the content of
>>>Apache-PageKit/blib and this is not what I tested.
>>>I attach a patch that fix it for me. The above comment seems also
>>The idea is to allow developers to test against the live files under lib,
>>to make it possible to develop while running the test suite. I use this
>>feature all the time in combination with Apache::Reload. You are right that
>>we want to test against the blib when users run 'make test'. Purhaps we
>>should make it configurable, so it's not hardwired? e.g. we could have an
>>environment variable APACHE_TEST_DEV_MODE which when set will add the
>>non-blib dirs to @INC.
> I'm happy with the ENV idea; but i fail to see, why a lib after the blib spoil 
> your work with Apache::Reload since under normal development, there is no 
> blib directory.

what do you mean normal development? Once you run 'make' you get 'blib'. I 
develop now inside the source distro and test on the place. Apache::Test rules.

> If possible I prefer a automatic solution.

what do you mean? AI ;)

>>>But you should add this pod
>>>'Running and Developing Tests with the Apache::Test Framework'
>>>with Apache::Test. If I had not found that document, I never used
>>>Apache::Test. And it is soooo usefull. Please consider to put it in.
>>The pointer to that document is at the very beginning of
>>Apache-Test/README, it's hard to miss it.
> Ok, I missed that. But my biggest concern is that I love perldoc so I whould 
> like to see the the pointer to 
> at the end of the 
> Apache::Test pod. So the important hint is also avail after the installation. 
> And the examples from the README could have a better place in the 
> Apache::Test pod.

Sure, this is easy to fix. Done.

> Even better if I could type 'perldoc Apache::Test::Howto'.

I thought about this and yes we can do the same thing we do with mp1 and mp2 
docs. We should probably create modperl-docs/src/docs/any/api/ and put there 
manpages of projects that work the same with any mp generation. Apache::Test 
could go there. However since we next want to check them out into the 
Apache-Test distro, we will need to put them under one root:


next we can move modperl-docs/src/docs/general/testing/testing.pod to be:


and the rest of the doccos will go as:


next these will be checked out into httpd-test/perl-framework/Apache-Test/docs 
and distributed with Apache::Test.

I don't know when I'll get to do this though, unless someone beats me to it, 
may be in a few weeks.

p.s. modperl-docs is the documentation cvs repository

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