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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Apache::Test
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 18:04:27 GMT
[redirecting it to the httpd-test dev list where this discussion belongs]

Boris Zentner wrote:
> Hi Stas,
> I spend the morning on porting Apache::PageKit to Apache::Test and make the 
> installation of this large module easy. My idea to support perl < 5.8 and >= 
> 5.8 was to use patch inside the makefile and make the changes to my files 
> after they are copied to the blib directory. So the original files are avail 
> everytime. Im not really sure if this is a good way, but it stopped working 
> on the 'make test' part since on some configurations the content of
> Apache-PageKit/lib is not the same as Apache-PageKit/blib but Apache::Test use 
> Apache-PageKit/lib instead Apache-PageKit/blib. I think this is wrong since 
> if all goes well I install the content of Apache-PageKit/blib and this is not 
> what I tested.
> I attach a patch that fix it for me. The above comment seems also misleading.

The idea is to allow developers to test against the live files under lib, to 
make it possible to develop while running the test suite. I use this feature 
all the time in combination with Apache::Reload. You are right that we want to 
test against the blib when users run 'make test'. Purhaps we should make it 
configurable, so it's not hardwired? e.g. we could have an environment 
variable APACHE_TEST_DEV_MODE which when set will add the non-blib dirs to @INC.

> BTW: Apache::Test is very powerfull. I had a lot of ideas that I can test now. 
> Very easy. Thanks a lot. 

Thanks ;)

> But you should add this pod 
> 'Running and Developing Tests with the Apache::Test Framework'
> with Apache::Test. If I had not found that document, I never used 
> Apache::Test. And it is soooo usefull. Please consider to put it in.

The pointer to that document is at the very beginning of Apache-Test/README, 
it's hard to miss it.

> Have a nice day.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> diff -Nur Apache-Test-1.03.old/lib/Apache/ Apache-Test-1.03/lib/Apache/
> --- Apache-Test-1.03.old/lib/Apache/	2003-09-11 14:58:04.000000000 +0200
> +++ Apache-Test-1.03/lib/Apache/	2003-09-11 15:08:14.000000000 +0200
> @@ -1404,7 +1404,7 @@
>      # followed by modperl's lib, followed by blib and finally core
>      # Perl libs.
>      lib::->import(map "$self->{vars}->{top_dir}/$_",
> -                  qw(Apache-Test/lib lib blib/lib blib/arch));
> +                  qw(Apache-Test/lib blib/lib blib/arch lib));
>      #print join "\n", "add_inc", @INC, "";
>  }


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