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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: flood 1.1 T&R
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 07:15:27 GMT
--On Monday, September 8, 2003 2:30 AM +0200 Jacek Prucia 
<> wrote:

> I think we're *really* ready to release flood 1.1. I would like to tag the
> tree in a day or two. We don't have that many commits daily, so I think we
> can simply test HEAD, without any temporary candidate tag (like those on
> httpd repo).

+1 on this.  Go for it.

My only concern is that we make sure flood 1.1 compiles against APR 1.0 (which 
should have a 1.0 RC out this week).  Try checking out the HEAD of apr and 
apr-util and ensuring that flood still compiles.  All of the deprecated 
functions in APR are now removed in HEAD of those repositories.  If you look 
at the CHANGES in apr, you'll see the mappings of old to new functions.

> I would also like to be RM for this release, unless there's somebody more
> experienced to take this job. Anyway I'll need some help. First, my public
> key schould be added to KEYS file (see attached patch), so I can sign the
> tarballs. Second, in order to obey new mirroring rules, I need to have +w to
>, or somebody has to put release tarballs for
> me.

Yup, you should be RM.  ;-)

I would first say that you should create 'candidate' tarballs on your own. 
Then, we'll have to get 3 +1s before calling it 1.1, so it's fine if there is 
a little latency between you creating the tarball and posting it on the site. 
We'll have to wait for the 3 +1s anyway.

Once you have the 3 +1s, you can then tag it 'officially' in CVS (which you 
can already do).  At that point, I can ensure that you have the right 
permissions and stuff to upload and distribute it.

But, I'd recommend getting the tarball right and having a 'solid' release, 
then we can figure out the other stuff first.

Make sense?  -- justin

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