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From Boris Zentner <>
Subject Re: Apache::Test
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 09:22:33 GMT


Am Dienstag, 16. September 2003 10:54 schrieb Stas Bekman:


> > I was under the impression of the commet directly over the fix that the
> > 'lib' was the lib inside mod_perl ( or that was the desired lib, sure I
> > noticed that the real world and the comment do not match ).
> >
> > So my conclusion was that you work inside the perl/lib or mod_perl/lib
> > and not inside your project directory.
> I guess it's late, but I fail to follow your logic here. All I want is
> project/lib to be the very first in @INC. that's for dev of course. I
> develop inside the project directory.

I understand it right. Only at the start of our mails I tend to think you work 
in the mod_perl/lib dir. 

This comment from Apache::TestConfig show me the wrong way.
    # make sure that the Apache-Test dev libs will be first in @INC,
    # followed by modperl's lib, followed by blib and finally core
    # Perl libs.
    lib::->import(map "$self->{vars}->{top_dir}/$_",
                  qw(Apache-Test/lib lib blib/lib blib/arch));
    #print join "\n", "add_inc", @INC, "";

But then after your mail I got it and prefer your solution. An ENV var saying 
if set to prefer the lib dir before the blib if unset/false blib goes before 

Thanks again. Have a good sleep.



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