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From Jacek Prucia <>
Subject Flood 1.1 tarballs up
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2003 00:30:12 GMT

I've tagged the tree with FLOOD_1_1. Two changes since RC1 include
build/ (removing .deps file inclusion) and CHANGES. I've decided to
keep FLOOD_1_1_RC1 tag around for a while, but I'll definitelly get rid of it
once release goes public. The release tarballs are available:

Old RC1 tarballs are moved to RC1 subdirectory for reference. We have only few
administrative tasks left in order to get this release to public. This may
take few days though, so be patient ;)

Thanks for everybody who made this release possible (patches, suggestions,
etc.). Especially thanks for all the hints releated to making quality release.
Without them I would probably screw something up :)

Jacek Prucia

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