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From Rafael Garcia-Suarez <>
Subject Re: new in Apache::Test: t/SMOKE -bug_mode
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 14:12:14 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
> It all started when I have noticed a few core files after running t/SMOKE on 
> modperl-2.0's top-level test suite. I couldn't figure out which test caused 
> them. So I have decided to rewrite the smoker to provide me that information. 
> In the future we might autoextract the backtrace as well.

Neat. (autoextracting the backtrace automatically is easily done with gdb -x
where available.)

> This should make bug reports much more useful. However it comes at a price of 
> running much slower than the normal 'make test' would do, until 
> Test::Harness::Straps won't provide the callbacks to be run after each test, 

Just in case you don't know this already, the latest Test::Harness
contains an experimental -- and undocumented -- form of callbacks.

If you could post something to perl-qa to explain in a
few sentences what you need, I'd be happy to help crafting
something. And to reuse it for perl :)

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