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From Jacek Prucia <>
Subject example configs
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 13:54:51 GMT

I have found few minor issues in current example config files.

1. round-robin-ssl.xml

We have only one url working -- SSL connection test is
working again (although HTML is broken). The other URL is dead for a
loooong time, so we might consider removing it at all. I've found
another SSL check:

If nobody has any problems with commercial site in example URLs, I can
contact them and see if such inclusion is possible.

2. round-robin-keepalive.xml

This just looks like a great place to use baseurl.

3. round-robin-dynamic.xml is a redirect to, so first three urls are sure
to fail. Google stuff is commented out, so we need to exchange with something else. Something like retrieving some
static page, and using a first link found.

Those fixes are ok for purpose of this release, but this whole issue
looks like a good showstopper for 1.2. We schould provide a bunch of
CGI/PHP/JSP scripts to simulate some functionality and drop remote
servers for good. All example configs could be rewritten to
have <baseurl></baseurl>, so they are harmless by

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