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From Jacek Prucia <>
Subject Re: flood 1.1 T&R
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 13:28:15 GMT
On Mon, 08 Sep 2003 00:15:27 -0700
Justin Erenkrantz <> wrote:

> My only concern is that we make sure flood 1.1 compiles against APR
> 1.0 (which should have a 1.0 RC out this week).  Try checking out the
> HEAD of apr and apr-util and ensuring that flood still compiles.  All
> of the deprecated functions in APR are now removed in HEAD of those
> repositories.  If you look at the CHANGES in apr, you'll see the
> mappings of old to new functions.

You were right. Compilation barfed on socket API changes. However it
turned out to be a trival to fix (adding one extra argument and renaming
few functions). I have patch ready and I'll be commiting it later this

> Yup, you should be RM.  ;-)


> I would first say that you should create 'candidate' tarballs on your
> own. Then, we'll have to get 3 +1s before calling it 1.1, so it's fine
> if there is a little latency between you creating the tarball and
> posting it on the site. We'll have to wait for the 3 +1s anyway.

Yeah, dev/release.html rules apply.

> Once you have the 3 +1s, you can then tag it 'officially' in CVS
> (which you can already do).

Yes. I've just decided to use intermediate tag (FLOOD_1_1_RC), see

>  At that point, I can ensure that you have
> the right permissions and stuff to upload and distribute it.
> But, I'd recommend getting the tarball right and having a 'solid'
> release, then we can figure out the other stuff first.
> Make sense?  -- justin

Yes. This is my current release plan (please yell if it violates

1. tag repo with FLOOD_1_1_RC (probably later this day),
2. prepare RC tarball and announce availability here,
3. test and see if eventual bugs must be fixed,
4. move FLOOD_1_1_RC tag on files containing fixes,
5. create new RC tarball and start all over again (3).

When we have 3 +1s for GA, then:

1. create FLOOD_1_1 tag using existing FLOOD_1_1_RC,
2. remove old FLOOD_1_1_RC tag,
3. sign the tarball and move it to dist/httpd/flood,
4. wait 48 hours ;)
5. send announcement.

So like you said: we can postpone most of the stuff until we get stable
RC tarball.

Jacek Prucia

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