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From Jacek Prucia <>
Subject flood 1.1 T&R
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 00:30:46 GMT

I think we're *really* ready to release flood 1.1. I would like to tag the
tree in a day or two. We don't have that many commits daily, so I think we can
simply test HEAD, without any temporary candidate tag (like those on httpd

I would also like to be RM for this release, unless there's somebody more
experienced to take this job. Anyway I'll need some help. First, my public
key schould be added to KEYS file (see attached patch), so I can sign the
tarballs. Second, in order to obey new mirroring rules, I need to have +w to, or somebody has to put release tarballs for

In addition, I would like to put flood manual on-line. This requires also some
privileges (only for manual subdir), or a person that would put them on-line
for me.

Jacek Prucia

P.S. Once 1.1 is released, we might consider moving 0.4 to archive, since we
don't want anybody to use when 1.1 is out.

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