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From Jacek Prucia <>
Subject Re: cookie preloading proposal/query
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 10:01:29 GMT
On Mon, 11 Aug 2003 20:52:24 -0700
Lamont Lucas <> wrote:

> Hi.  I've been happily using flood for almost a year now and I wanted
> to ask about perhaps  either adding a feature or finding a
> new way to do what I'm looking for.
> Specifically, I have a urllist that needs cookies preloaded 
> to determine behavior.  I know I can work around this by
> including urls in my urllist that go to a different page that simply
> loads the cookie I need for the next request, but that is pretty
> messy.
> What I'm looking for is an element in <url>, something like
> "cookie-payload" that has all or most of a cookie to be presented
> for that url.  I don't know if it makes sense to do it as one string
> that has the version, header and value in it (along with the
> secure setting and whatever else I'm forgetting) or
> as seperate subparts in there.

Well... <url> element is really bloated with all the attributes, which
makes configuration hard to write/read/maintain. So the best way would
be to have separate XML block like this:


        <expires>some date</expires>        


Then, in get_next_url, we could see what cookies match current host and
path, and sent them if apropriate. However that requires a bit of work,
and probably ain't going to happen any time soon, as we're a bit busy at
the moment with other things. So a simple:

<url sendcookie="name=value"></url>

would be nice, until we decide to have a better cookie support.

> Would that be possible, or even reasonable?


> I tried adding it myself
> but was daunted by the size of the task.  Before I start it I
> was hoping for a sanity check that what I was asking for was
> reasonable and maybe some pointers as to where to start.

Just look at flood_round_robin.c. You have a definition of cookie_t
type there. You just could define another attribute in url (yuck!) (see, parse it at parse_xml_url_info() (see
flood_round_robin.c), and add it to profile_t->cookie->next. Your cookie
will be included in request as you can see from the code in
round_robin_create_req (flood_round_robin.c again).

Jacek Prucia

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