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From David Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Apache::TestRequest Doc Patch
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 19:06:36 GMT
On Wednesday, July 9, 2003, at 01:02  AM, Stas Bekman wrote:

> Thank you very much David, I've committed your patches and the docs. 
> In the future please try to submit each feature change separately. 
> Thanks.

Okay, no problem.

> re: OPTIONS, see section 9.2 in
> this is how httpd-test uses it:
> #httpd-test/perl-framework/t/apache/options.t
> use strict;
> use warnings FATAL => 'all';
> use Apache::Test;
> use Apache::TestRequest;
> my @urls = qw(/);
> plan tests => @urls * 2, \&have_lwp;
> for my $url (@urls) {
>     my $res = OPTIONS $url;
>     ok $res->code == 200;
>     my $allow = $res->header('Allow') || '';
>     ok $allow =~ /OPTIONS/;
> }

I still don't understand what it does or what it's for. Sorry. Someone 
else will likely have to document it.

> So I've trimmed all the OPTIONS entries in the doc, but the main one. 
> I think the rest aren't useful at all.


> re: =head1 SYNOPSIS
> I'd suggest to have a small synopsis with mod_perl 1 and another on 
> mod_perl 2? Or have no mod_perl specific api at all?

It's currently not specific, and it doesn't seem to me like it needs to 
be specific.

> I didn't modify the content, but mainly adding C<> for modules and 
> re-wrapping as a result (just pod fixups). Hopefully I'll have a 
> chance to read through once I catch up with the emails backlog. For 
> now I've just committed as is.


> For the next pass, it'd be cool to move =item to be =head3 so that the 
> items will appear in the TOC when rendered in HTML. That's the 
> practice I've started to use on the and it seems to do 
> pretty well.

I usually do that, too. Next time.

> Looking forward for more docs ;)

We'll see if I find any more tuits in the next few weeks. The only one 
I'm likely to contribute to in the short term is Apache::TestMM. And I 
don't understand it too well at this point, anyway.



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