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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: apxs on Win32
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 18:42:06 GMT
At 10:09 PM 7/29/2003, Randy Kobes wrote:

>As far getting the right name for the Win32 binary goes with apxs
>present, I don't think there's an ideal solution ... To
>summarize, the problem is that apxs -q TARGET ( = httpd) is used
>in Apache-Test for the name of the apache binary, whereas in
>other places (in apxs itself, for example) it's used to represent
>"httpd".conf. What I ended up doing here is following the
>Apache-Test convention of setting $vars->{target} to Apache.exe
>for Win32 - this means overwriting the apxs value, which isn't
>great, but I guess as long as the same convention is followed
>throughout the package, it should be OK.

I think the right solution here is to provide two seperate flags for apxs
to determine the name of the "conf file" v.s. the name of the "binary".

Call me crazy but it seems pretty simple :-)  Only question, does the
old option preserve the 'binary name' or the 'conf name'?

I suspect we want to use the original flag as the 'binary name'.  The new
flag to return the '.conf name' should properly decorate it with .conf on
all platforms.  And the original flag can be used to retrieve the decorated
'Apache2.exe' program name on Win32.

I'm really excited about trying your implementation, although I'm a
bit backlogged after traveling this weekend.  Certainly this belongs
in httpd-2.0/build/ once we dot all the I's and cross the t's.  

If you don't object, once I give it the once-over, I'll commit it after I can
address any minor quibbles to the httpd 2.1 dev branch, and we can
work from there on improving it.

We should definately look to make this usable for our Netware users
as well, who might not be using a full gcc environment, but tools like
codewarrior suite, etc.  I'm not saying we commit to this, but if we can
keep some bits pretty abstract, it will be easy for another contributor
to come along and connect the dots.  {maybe it's already this way,
I promise to delve into the code this week :-}


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