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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Apache::Test oustanding issues
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 01:26:23 GMT

>> well, it was a web services interface, and some of the services 
>> required root permission to manipulate certain backend elements.
> You still have the root permissions. it's only the server that starts 
> with non-root perms. why do you needed that override?

you need to be root in order to start Apache so its children run as root - 
the forced change to the nobody user was wrecking things for me.

anyway, enough on that :)

> I don't think we need to chdir to /tmp

hmm, I would have thought that was necessary, but without trying it entirely 
I guess I won't know :)

anyway, I'll be back into the swing of things late this week and can help out.

BTW, are we still +1 on the have_apache_mpm() patch I posted last?  I know 
Bill had some thoughts on hitting up ap_mpm_query instead of httpd -V, but 
if we can agree on have_apache_mpm() as the API, then we can use the current 
implementation and I can play with ap_mpm_query in a bit.


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