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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [RFC] Apache::Build
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 16:07:48 GMT
James G Smith wrote:

>>>(3) Support for multiple versions of Apache/mod_perl.
>>You mean across 1.0 and 2.0? In that case it shouldn't live in the mp2 distro. 
>> Or it should have a dual life on CPAN, which is not quite supported by PAUSE 
> I'm still working out the issues involved in doing so, but
> theoretically, yes.  I should be able to write a module, tell the
> build script what my directives are for which versions of
> Apache/mod_perl, and have it write any .xs code or other Perl code
> necessary as well as provide the framework for testing with
> Apache::Test (and it is this idea of providing the framework that
> made me think to bring this to this list).

While you are at it, can you add some more code that will write the code for 
the project as well? This way we can spend more time drinking cranberry juice ;)

> Writing the same Perl code for two generations of mod_perl probably
> would require Apache::compat somewhere in there, and detailed
> discussion of this part of the puzzle probably belongs on the
> mod_perl users or dev list, which is where I'll take it when I get
> something put together in this area.


>>>I'd also like to see if it's possible to add support for building
>>>mod_perl 1.x and mod_perl 2.x modules from the same distribution --
>>>basically put Stas's code into this somewhere.
>>Which code you are referring to?
> This is what I think you've referred to before when someone wants to
> know how to make a distro that can build for either mod_perl 1.x or
> 2.x.  Apache::Peek-

Ah, that's right. I was planning to abstract it, but never got around doing 
it. If you take the lead on this sub-project that would be great!

> I'd like to not have to maintain five different versions of a module
> :/ I'd like to put the magic somewhere else if I can.


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