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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [RFC] Apache::Build
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 08:35:00 GMT
James G Smith wrote:
> I've been moving several of my Perl modules from MakeMaker to
> Module::Build.  I'm not seeing support for Module::Build in the
> Apache::Test suite, so I thought I'd take a stab at subclassing
> Module::Build to provide support for it.

You are talking about a similar kind of wrappers to ModPerl::MM (for 3rd party 
modules) and ModPerl::BuildMM (for mp2 itself), right? Looks like ModPerl::MB 
is the right place then, using the same mnemonics...

> I couldn't access the searchable archives for this list (get sent
> back to, but I did look through this month's
> archive and didn't see anything obvious along this line.

I don't remember any detailed discussions regarding MB. However a good archive 
is here:
linked from:

> Several questions before I jump even more head-long into this.
> (1) Is Apache::Build a sensible, everyday name?  Should it perhaps
> reside instead under Module::Build or Apache::Test?  I have no
> problem with this module being its own distribution on CPAN.  I also
> have no problem contributing it to an existing project.

modperl-2.0/lib/ModPerl/ ?

> (2) How DWIMmy should it be?  I like the following for my Build.PL
> (as a goal):
>  use Apache::Build;
>  my $build = Apache::Build->new (
>      module_name => 'Apache::Foo',
>      license => 'perl',
>      requires => {
>          'perl'           => '5.6.1',
>          'Some::Module'   => '1.23',
>          'Other::Module'  => '>= 1.2, != 1.5, < 2.0',
>      },
>  );
>  $build->create_build_script;
> It should just work :)  This would also make any t/*.PL files into
> t/* files.

I haven't used M::B yet, so I have no comments.

> (3) Support for multiple versions of Apache/mod_perl.

You mean across 1.0 and 2.0? In that case it shouldn't live in the mp2 distro. 
  Or it should have a dual life on CPAN, which is not quite supported by PAUSE 

> I'd also like to see if it's possible to add support for building
> mod_perl 1.x and mod_perl 2.x modules from the same distribution --
> basically put Stas's code into this somewhere.

Which code you are referring to?

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