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From David Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Apache::TestRequest Doc Patch
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 19:35:47 GMT
On Monday, June 23, 2003, at 05:08  AM, Geoffrey Young wrote:

>> I especially need help with the "keep_alive" parameter to user_agent()
> keep_alive enables connection persistence, where the same connection 
> is used to process multiple requests.  the only use of it that I have 
> seen is in http11/basicauth.t
>   my $request_num = Apache::TestRequest::user_agent_request_num($res);
>   ok $request_num == 3; #1 => no credentials
>                         #2 => 401 response with second request
>                         #3 => 200 with guest/guest credentials
> also, from the LWP::UserAgent manpage:
>   The C<keep_alive> option also has the effect of loading and enabling 
> the   new experimental HTTP/1.1 protocol module.
> so keep_alive may be more of a shorthand way of enabling (and testing) 
> HTTP/1.1 compliance rather than just persistent connections (which can 
> be used in both protocols).
> as for the code changes, Stas should probably review them first.  
> however, the docs look great - nice work.

Thanks Geoffrey. I've added in your comments, and attach a new patch. 
Again, here's what it does:

* Attempts to document all of the important functions of 
Apache::TestRequest. Comments and corrections would be much 
appreciated. I especially need help with a description of what 
OPTIONS() does.

* Exports UPLOAD from Apache::TestRequest. Was this an oversight?

* Changes the way the redirect_ok parameter works so that it affects 
only that _that call_ to the function. Afterward it should revert to 
the old value of $RedirectOK. I use local() to do this.

* Changes user_agent() so that the LWP::UserAgent 
"requests_redirectable" parameter actually does something useful 
vis-à-vis $RedirectOK.

* Added "SEE ALSO" section to Apache::Test. Note that this section, and 
the same section of Apache::TestRequest, points to Apache::TestMM, 
which currently has no documentation.



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