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From Jeremy Brown <>
Subject flood - Can it go faster?
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2003 19:35:49 GMT


I have been playing with flood for a while. And have been looking at
writing up some additional documentation. I tried a couple other programs
and flood seems to have worked the best overall. But just got a nice
little project drop in my lap and had a couple questions.

I need to generate about approx. 7000 web hits per second against a new
server. The new server will have a gigabit ethernet to accept the
traffic. And I have 10 load generators running FreeBSD 5.1 with 1 GHZ
processors with normal 100 MB ethernet against the new server on the
same switch. I was able to get one load generator to do about 700 request
per second but I wanted to increase this.

Are there any tips to get more throughput on flood?

Or any methods to optimize flood to run faster?

Also is there a way to turn off logging completely? The new server will
have logging enable to catch all the information. My job is to hit it as
hard as I possibly can with my resources. And to only show something if
there is a failure?

I am using shell scripts of flood since megaconglomerate is not operating
at this time from what I have tested. Are there any recommendations for
doing this more effectively? Or is megaconglomerate really working?

thanks for any comments.

ps Here is the config file for flood that I have been using.

    <name>Test Hosts</name>
    <description>A bunch of hosts we want to hit</description>

    <description>To Run FastA</description>
    <useurllist>Test Hosts</useurllist>




    <usefarmer count="10">Joe</usefarmer>

    <usefarmer count="10">Joe</usefarmer>

    <usefarmer count="10">Joe</usefarmer>


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