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From David Wheeler <>
Subject Apach::TestRequest Doc Patch
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2003 16:19:22 GMT
Hi all,

Please find enclosed a documentation patch for Apache::TestRequest. It 
does a couple of other things, too, so here's a complete list:

* Attempts to document all of the important functions of 
Apache::TestRequest. Comments and corrections would be much 
appreciated. I especially need help with the "keep_alive" parameter to 
user_agent() and a description of what OPTIONS() does.

* Exports UPLOAD from Apache::TestRequest. Was this an oversight?

* Changes the way the redirect_ok parameter works so that it affects 
only that _that call_ to the function. Afterward it should revert to 
the old value of $RedirectOK. I use local() to do this.

* Changes user_agent() so that the LWP::UserAgent 
"requests_redirectable" parameter actually does something useful 
vis-à-vis $RedirectOK.

* Added "SEE ALSO" section to Apache::Test. Note that this section, and 
the same section of Apache::TestRequest, points to Apache::TestMM, 
which currently has no documentation.



David Wheeler                                     AIM: dwTheory                              ICQ: 15726394                         Yahoo!: dew7e
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