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From David Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Perl Testing
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2003 13:23:35 GMT
On Thursday, June 19, 2003, at 09:13  AM, Geoffrey Young wrote:

> I think he means by adding your own ServerRoot directive to 
>  however, I see what you are saying and that won't 
> likely resolve your issue.

Yes, and I can't know what it is ahead of time. I don't expect that 
this would work:

ServerRoot @ServerRoot@/..

> is there some reason that you want to backtrack to t/ in your test 
> scripts?  for the most part, I put things I need under t/, including 
> libraries and other cruft, so that everything is relative to the 
> default ServerRoot setting.

I _do_ want t to be the ServerRoot. But I _don't_ want t/ to be cwd for 
all of the tests that run (t/*.t). cwd during `make test` should be the 
package root directory. For example, I have a test script, t/01basic.t, 
that opens the error log to look for error messages from the Apache 
test server. Under Apache::test (and any other CPAN test suite that 
runs via Perl's usual `make test`), I would have to open it like this:

   open ERR, 't/logs/error_log' or die "Can't do it: $!\n";

However, under the default `make test` with Apache::Test, it changes 
the cwd to t. This is not where CPAN modules should be tested from. It 
forces me to open the error log like this, instead:

   open ERR, 'logs/error_log' or die "Can't do it: $!\n";

That's what I think should be changed.

Hope I've explained it better this time! :-)



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