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From David Wheeler <>
Subject GET() w/o redirection
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2003 21:46:52 GMT
Hi All,

Under Apache::test, I could get it not to redirect when it got a 302 by 
passing it a LWP::UserAgent object that I'd created with  
requests_redirectable => 0. Apache::TestRequest's GET, however, doesn't 
have this facility. It does the redirect. In trying to deparse what's 
going on in Apache::TestRequest, I saw that the user_agent() function 
was creating an LWP::UserAgent object, so I thought that I could get it 
to stop redirecting by doing this before running my tests:

Apache::TestRequest::user_agent( requests_redirectable => 0 );

However, it still seems to redirect. If someone could tell me how I 
might get Apache::TestRequest to pay attention to the LWP::UserAgent 
settings I want it to use, I would greatly appreciate it.



David Wheeler                                     AIM: dwTheory                              ICQ: 15726394                         Yahoo!: dew7e
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