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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: resolving Apache::Test vs. Apache::test collision
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 02:40:28 GMT
David Wheeler wrote:
> On Monday, May 19, 2003, at 07:18  PM, Stas Bekman wrote:
>>>> my $is_case_insensitive = -e catfile qw(lib Apache;
>>> Ah, yes, of course. So there _is_ a simple way to test for it!
>> if it works, then yes!
> It works:
> % perl -e 'print -e "lib/Apache/" ? "insensitive\n" : "sensitive\n"'
> insensitive


>> Sigh :( I truly don't know how to handle that so we have zero hassle 
>> in the future.
> How do the various book authors feel about having this and an Erratum?

I suppose that we can still fix 'practical mod_perl' but it should get into 
the print any day now. Dunno about Geoff.

>> Here is a fresh suggestion, based on our ability to time travel. 
>> Instead of solving the Apache::Test problem. Let's solve the 
>> Apache::test problem.
>> in-core 1.28:
>> - rename Apache/ with Apache/ in mod_perl-1.x, so 
>> internal tests work just fine (no problems here).
>> 3rd party modules:
>> - s/Apache::test/Apache::testold/ and
>>   - require 1.28
>>   - or bundle Apache/ locally
>> I think there are very few 3rd party modules that use Apache::test, so 
>> we can hunt those down and ask their authors to re-release their 
>> modules. Even if it'll take a while for this to happen, eventually 
>> no-one will use Apache::test.
>> And voila problem solved.
> I think there are quite a lot of them:
> But IIRC, most have Apache::test in their distros, and since use C<use 
> lib> unshifts directory names onto the front of @INC, in most cases it 
> should just continue to work.

That's a wrong check. It simply searches for any module having 'test' in its 
package name. One has to download and scan the code.

> At any rate, you'll still have the problem of users installing mod_perl 
> 1.27 after installing Apache::Test.

Not really, assuming that CPANPLUS if fixed, modules wanting to use 
Apache::Test will require Apache::Test => 1.03 or so and then it'll be 
re-installed again.

The only problem is with those 1.x 3rd party modules, but they will updated to 
'require Apache::testold', which we can distribute in Apache-Test.

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