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From Jacek Prucia <>
Subject flood docs online
Date Thu, 29 May 2003 18:52:07 GMT

I've uploaded initial version of flood docs to my commiter homepage:

Both XML sources and XHTML (for on-line viewing) are available. This is only
an alpha draft, but some suggestions/opinions would be nice. In particular, I
would like to see if there any comments on configuration element syntax (that
is -- chapter 6). I've put only one element there -- <flood> (other elements
need a little bit of work) as an example. It is sort of descriptive DTD with
few additional informations like list of parent elements and severity of
character data. This seems to be de facto standard (at least for Bea, Sun and
IBM), but I'm open to suggestions.

The only problem remaining is how to put all that stuff into CVS. I think
following directory structure schould work:


We could keep that off flood build system (at least for now) and put all
information needed to build docs into README file. Then just before release,
we could transform XML sources into HTML and populate docs/manual.

Yeah, I know that sucks, but we can rethink everything later (post flood 1.1).

Jacek Prucia

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