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From Jacek Prucia <>
Subject Re: [Flood] : Could I set a path raiser than 1 single url
Date Wed, 28 May 2003 14:26:13 GMT
On Tue, 27 May 2003 18:12:05 -0700
Charles Sabourdin <> wrote:

>   I have been reading the Flood configuration and did not figure out how (if
> possible) set a path instead of s single url something like go to page1 then
> fill the form 1 with then fill the form 2 then go the the 3 thrid link.

Right. It isn't written anywhere, but all urls in urllist aren't separate.
They all form something that I believe is called "URL path", and it is exactly
what you need. The only problem is the "filling form". Right now you have to
prepare exact POST body by hand, which sucks. You can help yourself with
Mozilla module -- Live HTTP Headers, which captures requests and responses and
displays them raw in a separate window (this leaves you with a cut'n'paste

Anyway, this is how your urllist could look like:

   <name>my url list</name>
   <url method="POST" payload="var1=val1&amp;var2=val2">/page2.jsp</url>
   <url method="POST" payload="var1=val1&amp;var2=val2">/page3.jsp</url>

You can also use attributes "responsename" and "reponsetemplate" to verify
that each step was completed successfuly -- look at round-robin-dynamic.xml,
to see how those attributes are used.

If you need any additional information -- just drop us a line.

Jacek Prucia

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