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From Jacek Prucia <>
Subject Re: can I help with docs?
Date Wed, 28 May 2003 14:08:10 GMT
On Tue, 27 May 2003 18:10:47 -0700
Jeremy Brown <> wrote:

> I found it pretty hard to configure flood with current documentation. I
> found some good examples with the package but nothing really covering
> conglomerates and other types of advanced setups.

That might be just because conglomerates (and megaconglomerates) aren't
implemented yet. They are a part of design, but right now topmost functional
element is farm. There is a lot of stuff to sort out, so conglomerates and
megaconglomerates won't happen any time soon.

> Can I help to write some documentation regarding it?


> I have figured out a few details and I can reference the code for more
> details. But is there anything that has been started with this
> information? There seems to be quite a bit of functionality that is
> missing from the current docs.

Yes. This is mostly my fault. I've comitted few things without providing an
example config how to use it (baseurl and auth support in particular). However
I started writting real docs some time ago, sorting things out by using every
information available (including cvs commit logs and such).

I've picked up DocBook for the job. Mostly because there are some problems
with integrating our docs with httpd-docs projects (I'll explain them later).
It schould be however quite simple to migrate later from DocBook XML to
httpd-docs XML. If you don't know DocBook, then write in plain text and I'll
translate it to DocBook XML -- after all it's the content that matters.

I'll publish all my work on homepage later this day, and post URL here, so
others may also work on docs. As for commiting that stuff into CVS repo -- I
would prefer to keep docs off httpd-test/flood repo for the time being. I
remember the consensus was that we need to T&R flood 1.1 (because flood-0.4 is
buggy, and a loooot of fixes went in since that release), but we need some
real docs for that release. So after rolling flood 1.1 with docs, we can
discuss where to put docs, what docs to put (XML or preprocessed HTML?) and
discuss whole repo structure while we are at it :))

Jacek Prucia

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