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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: gettimeofday calls
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 20:02:11 GMT
Bill Stoddard wrote:
>> Infact, I tried this out yesterday (having the one global_time 
>> variable), it
>> gives me around 3-4% improvement. But, occasionally I do get some
>> un-conforming results, and I'm trying to figure out if it's because of 
>> the
>> time stamp.
> You probably need to mutex updates to your global variable, which will 
> probably suck out most of your performance gains.

oooo, maybe that's the bug.  If it really is a global variable and this is a 
threaded server, it's likely to break.  We need a variable that's unique to the 
request.  Probably the cleanest way to do that is introduce a new time parm to 
the functions called by do_cadget which need it.

I'll whip something like this up unless someone beats me to it.


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