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From Erik Curiel <>
Subject flood errors with login ASP script
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 18:52:58 GMT

Hi!  I'm a flood newbie, trying to use flood for some very basic
load-testing on a new commercial site we're building.  We want to use the
url-list feature to mimic actual click-through paths that we think clients
will use on the site.  Clients must log in to use the site, however.  We
can hit the first page, the login form, with flood with no problem.  When
a client enters his or her login info (username/password), the form posts
to an ASP script that verifies the info, sets a cookie with the session ID
and then redirects (via the ASP Session.Redirect function, i.e. a Refresh
HTTP header is generated) to the site's home page.  When we try to post
directly to this ASP script with login info, flood reports a failure, but
gives no info on what exactly failed.  I try to write output to a
log-file, by specifying a logfile element in the XML config file, but no
log file appears to be created (at least, I can't find it).  When we look
at the log file on the server we're trying to hit, it shows that flood did
indeed post to it, and the server sent back a 302 ("Object Moved) message,
with the location of the page that the client is being redirected to.
When I use the connection "keep-alive" directive in the header, by
declaring the appropriate XML tag in the config file, then flood hits the
login form no problem, but then hangs when it tries to hit the login
script.  The server log still shows, however, that flood did succeed in
posting to the script and the server responded with the same 302.

We're running the latest non-CVS version of flood, compiled with SSL
support, on Solaris 8, SPARC Ultra5.

I insert the XML file we're using at the end of this email.  (We're not
really trying to hit, of course, but we're building this site for
a big bank so we can't give out the real URL.)

Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Erik Curiel

    <name>Test Hosts</name>
    <description>A bunch of hosts we want to hit</description>
    <url method="GET">;</url>
    <url method="POST" payload="UserName=test&amp;Password=test&amp;ShowOptions=0&amp;RedirectURL=&amp;selAuthSource="></url>

    <description>Test of the Round Robin Configuration</description>

    <useurllist>Test Hosts</useurllist>

    <!-- Profile Events -->


    <!-- Verification Events -->

    <!-- Reporting Events -->
    <!-- report>simple</report -->

    <!-- run the Joe farmer 2 times -->
    <!-- Joe uses this profile -->

    <usefarmer count="1">Joe</usefarmer>

  <!-- Set the seed to a known value so we can reproduce the same tests -->

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