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From "Williams, Chris D." <>
Subject RE: flood and cookies
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2002 14:00:01 GMT
I remember looking at the cookie stuff a while ago(6 months or more) and one
thing I noticed is that it doesn't clear the cookie list when it starts
urllist again.  This might have changed but one thing to look at.  I was
using cookies and it worked well when the first url was to init the cookie.

One a side feature I would like to see(correct me if it is already
there) is the ability to use a value in the farmer definition as an argument
to a URL in the urllist.  What I was testing at one time was the same
urllist with different farmers.  I had 50 different farmers defined and used
the farmer name as an argument to pass into the first url to init the
cookies and then perform the rest of the urls.

Keep up the good work on this great tool!

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From: Jacek Prucia []
Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 10:34 AM
Subject: Re: flood and cookies

On Mon, 9 Sep 2002 17:24:07 +0100
Leon Brocard <> wrote:

> Heya,
> I'm having a look at flood in comparison to ab and there's one thing
> I'm not quite clear on. The source indicates it supports cookies in
> the round robin mode. Do I need to enable that?

No, they work automatic out of the box. However, we aim for 'full user
control' so in near future that automatic behaviour might become

> Actually, what I need
> to do is set a cookie to a specific value for testing purposes. How
> would I do that?

Just set a cookie with some script. For example:

   <!-- script below schould send Set-Cookie header -->
   <!-- previously recieved cookie is sent with request -->

I haven't looked at RFC yet, but looks like we have a very basic cookie
support. We dont take Domain, MaxAge, Path and other atributes into
account when sending cookie. Additionally cookie code has FIXME
comments, so this looks like a thing to put on my TODO list :)

Jacek Prucia S.A.

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