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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] flood: install target
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 02:30:24 GMT
On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 07:16:26PM -0700, Aaron Bannert wrote:
> We shouldn't ever be installing apr or apr-util as part of flood. Ideally
> we will depend on an already-installed version of flood, be that in some
> standard location or not. Some work has been done lately to make apr
> and apr-util able to be independently installable.

No, we will include apr and apr-util in flood releases and use
them when the user doesn't specify an installed apr location.
That seems to be the best strategy devised so far since apr and
apr-util aren't wide-spread enough to not include them.  We need
to make the barrier to entry as low as we can make it.

Yet, when apr and apr-util are widespread, people can use the
--with-apr and --with-apr-util configure options.  As the APR
release strategy matures, we may finetune the process.  But, I'd
think the point when httpd-2.0 and SVN don't include apr and
apr-util in their releases is when flood should.

For now, we must bundle apr and apr-util with flood releases.

> I agree, but not with changing the default from /usr/local. People will
> expect it to work like that. People who don't want it in /usr/local typically
> know how to run ./configure --prefix=/foo/bar. It's the other people (and
> my own tendencies to assume /usr/local, admittedly) that I'm more concerned
> about.

Fine, remove the AC_PREFIX_DEFAULT line and then add config.layout
support.  =)  -- justin

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