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From Jacek Prucia <>
Subject [PATCH] flood: install target
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2002 17:04:08 GMT

Here's my take at flood install target. Since I'm total automake newbie,
you might want to take a closer look at this. It does what is desired --
it copies flood to $PREFIX/bin. There's no special place for examples
and DESIGN, CHANGES, CONFIG files in therms of autoconf, so they are
left without instalation. Such files are often found in
/usr/share/doc/$package_name/, but it is entirelly up to binary (deb,
rpm) package maintainer.

This patch has one problem. Install dir is cluttered with lotsa apr/apu
stuff (*-config scripts, includes, libraries) -- even when flood is
built with --disable-shared. I've had enough of autoconf magic for
today, so I'll tackle this tommorow (unless somebody else beats me

After reading Greg Stein post at dev@httpd, I think we schould roll
flood-1.1 instead of flood-1.0, as Aaron suggested. FLOOD_1_0 lies in
repo far to long to bump revisions for free. Some people might be pissed
off, that flood 1.0 from tarball behaves a bit different that one
fetched from CVS some time ago. Sorry for beeing a little bit too rush
about that flood-1.0 tarball. I just imagined flood-1.0 would be really
nice and exciting release (like Apache 2.0 GA), but since it's too late
-- let's T&R flood-1.1 :)

Jacek Prucia S.A.

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