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From Ian Holsman <>
Subject Re: mod_specweb99 debugging...
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 17:42:26 GMT
Greg Ames wrote:
> Ian Holsman wrote:
>>what I was after was more hints on configuring HTTP.
>>ie.. make sure FollowSymLinks is On & AllowOverride off
>>(to avoid unnessecary fileops) and things like this
> Oh, OK, then would be
> relevant.  
yeah.. I need to read it again, and see if I can add any perls

> I set up my specweb99 DocumentRoot subtree to be as flat as possible, thinking
> that would cut down on cycles spent walking the directory paths.  I can't say
> for certain that it makes a significant difference on Linux; the kernel has an
> efficient filepath cache.
> Another area for potential improvement here is the use of file caching.  I tried
> using mod_cache's fd caching, but quickly ran into problems with the Linux
> per-process fd limits because SPECWeb99 accesses so many different files.  It's
> possible that caching the file contents in memory might allow more files to be
> cached.  But any attempt to cache files in userland will tend to negate the
> kernel's file caching, which is pretty efficient on Linux.

hmm.. did you use a recent version of mod_mem_cache.. you should be able 
to set the maximum number of fd's to be under the limits (not sure if 
that would help.. depends on the caching)

> The choice of MPMs makes a difference too.  I get better results with prefork on
> Linux, with worker not too far behind.  With a good userland file caching
> strategy, worker might do better if it has a higher cache hit ratio and lower
> overall RAM usage.
yes.. prefork with threading completly disabled helps

> Greg

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