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From Aaron Bannert <>
Subject Re: flood round-robin-dynamic.xml problem
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 21:56:51 GMT
On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 02:21:29PM -0700, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> I'm not saying that the error is informative (none of our errors
> are), but the exiting is correct.  If the site changed on you and
> you were expecting something else, then it should stop.

I'm fine with it being fatal for now. Yes, we should make our
error messages nicer, this is hardly the only problem error message. :)

> > Besides, if the user disables debugging, the assertions will be
> > disabled. If this is a fatal error (and I'm still on the fence here)
> > then we should detect that case and print a nice message.
> How can a user disable asserts?  httpd-2.0 has that capability via
> AP_DEBUG_ASSERT, but flood doesn't.  -- justin

Here's a clip from assert.h:

#ifdef NDEBUG
#define assert(ignore) ((void) 0)


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