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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject MM_Unix changes in bleedperl
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2002 17:33:36 GMT
(sorry if this pops up twice - I've been having subscription problems due to
a change in my outgoing email address)

hi all...

  just recently the Makefile.PL I've been using as a template for
Apache::Test started failing under bleedperl.

here's the error:

Can't use string ("Apache::TestMM") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use
at /src/bleedperl/lib/5.7.3/ExtUtils/ line 352.

my Makefile.PL is listed below.

I really can't remember why I was calling Apache::TestMM->clean in the first
place, which is the call that produces the error.  is that call necessary
any more?  with older perls, where the call succeeds, the generated Makefile
is the same both with and without it.

sorry I'm foggy as hell these days...


use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;

    'NAME'              => 'Cookbook::TestMe',
    'VERSION_FROM'      => '',

sub MY::test {
  if (eval "require Apache::TestMM") {
    return Apache::TestMM->test;

  # The whitespace in front of @echo MUST be a single tab!
  return <<'EOF';
	@echo This test suite requires Apache::Test
	@echo available from the mod_perl 2.0 sources
	@echo or the httpd-test distribution.

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